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More Praise for Steve Lucky & the Rhumba Bums

"During his hot piano solo the piano keys literally left the piano as his foot came upon it"
Len Kunstadt (Victoria Spivey's husband), Blues Life Journal, Germany

"Steve Lucky boasts not only a precision keyboard attack but a smooth baritone croon as well."
JazzIz Magazine

"Great musicians playing the hell out of great songs, and putting on a show that matched the energy of the music.
Steve Lucky and his guitarist, the stunning Carmen Getit, ought to be world famous.
I have a new favorite live band: Steve Lucky and the Rhumba Bums."

Joe Getty, The Armstrong & Getty Show

"Carmen's sexy vocals are as fresh and rich as a strawberry dipped in white chocolate fudge"
Swing Time Magazine, 4 martini rating (out of 5)

"Both Lucky's and Getit's lead vocals nail their decidedly "little big band" sound just perfectly
and when they share vocals on a tune or two, their delightful interplay will have you thinking
you're eavesdropping on an intimate but juicy lover's spat"
Joseph Jordan, 4 STARS Blues Access

"What makes the act outstanding are the humorous interactions between Lucky & Getit -
at some point they jump into the audience frenetically swing dancing.
Band members display rock-solid musicianship while also dressing impeccably"
Alternative Press

"Steve Lucky singing and playing Pete Johnson boogie woogie style piano
combined with the showmanship of Harry the Hipster"
John Tumpak, LA Jazz Scene

"Carmen Getit tears it up on her hollow-body,
playing chords light years beyond anything found in a Mel Bay book.
More importantly, their banter and interplay onstage demonstrates
a perfect union of skilled and fueled merry-making."

Howard Myint, San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Lucky is the engaging front man of the sextet which also features the fetching vocals and guitar of Carmen Getit,
who is Lucky's foil in the nonstop hokum that colors each pause between songs"
Bill Kisliuk, Jazz Now

"San Francisco's top jump-swing band"
San Francisco Weekly

"Carmen Getit is one of the most striking young blues guitarists in the country."
Experience Hendrix Magazine

"...there's nothing quite as mad and frenetic as a live Rhumba Bums show...
featuring the vivacious duo of Steve Lucky and guitarist Carmen Getit"
V. Vale, Pulse

"vibrant piano style that explores R & B, boogie woogie and jazz influenced blues,
...swinging style that impresses...rocking slabs of '50's r & b"
Mick Rainsford, Blues & Rhythm Magazine, England

"One of the finest two-fisted piano players in the country"
Mark Carpentieri, Grammy nominee & WC Handy winner, owner MC Records, New York

"Carmen Getit sings slick jazz a la Dinah Washington and down-and-out blues"
Ann Arbor Observer

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