CD Cover: Come Out Swingin'

You can order a copy of Some Like It Hot! for your very own.
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Purchase 2 CDs (Come Out Swingin'! and Some Like It Hot!)
for $25

Praise for the debut CD Come Out Swingin'!:

   4 Stars, Blues Access Magazine
   4 Stars, Down Beat Magazine

"The Rhumba Bums abide by Cab Calloway's advice:
'Live what's in your soul and sing your friggin' heart out."
Down Beat Magazine

"Some Like It Hot!" Track Titles

1. Adam's Rib
2. Some Like It Hot
3. How'm I Doin'?
4. How Come
5. Real Gone Girl
6. Maybe Later
7. The Grapevine
8. Beat Girl
9. Let Me In
10. The Hollywood Jump
11. Haul Off And Love Me
12. Don't You Want To Get Lucky?
13. The Rhumbabum Hum
14. (Everytime I Hear) That Mellow Saxophone
(Sound Exerpts are coming soon!)

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